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About Us

Specialized manufacturer of highest quality radiators and cooling component products which covering the entire range of business sectors and industries.

Our Company

Yong Seng Radiator Enterprise Sdn Bhd – YONG SENG is a well-established organization in Malaysia. We were one of the pioneers in radiator manufacturing and servicing company in Miri, Sarawak. The company was formed in 1993 when it first ventured into the engineering industry. Nowadays, YONG SENG has grown and expanded to become one of the few renowned radiator and cooling components manufacturer companies in Malaysia. As a trustworthy and dependable manufacturer of quality radiator and cooling components for the Malaysia industry, YONG SENG has the potentiality to deliver solutions that are flexible and reliable.

Vision & Values


  • Offer high value, reliable and efficient products to meet our customers’ exacting needs.
  • Empower our employees with skills and opportunities so that we can grow together.
  • Invest in our business for sustainable and profitable growth.
  • Ensure our actions and our products respect the community and environment.


  • Become the best of the renowned radiator and cooling components manufacturer company in Malaysia.


  • Always seek to understand the customers needs and deliver it with the minimum waste.
  • Provide customers with extensive range of products that encompasses exceptional practicality, appearance, and unique features
  • Incessantly served the customer by achieving and exceeding customer’s expectation in all business aspects.
  • Accomplish higher revenue through efficient management, operation and marketing of high quality products.
  • Response promptly to customer’s prerequisite conditions and special requirements.
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Head Office

Lot 1417, Piasau Jaya Industrial Estate
Jalan Piasau
98000 Miri, Sarawak


Telephone : +6085 – 657 331
Facsimile : +6085 – 664 539

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