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Specializes in the design, fabrication, repair, cleaning and testing for various kind of radiators, heat exchangers, coolers others relevant cooling coils.

Custom Design & Fabrication

Customized radiators and coolers provide the best solution for your equipment and operation. We help our customers customize new or used equipment. After determining the functionality, performance and other features of the product, we will discuss our plan with you to ensure that the product meets your requirements and minimizes waste.

Cleaning & Preventive Maintenance

We supply the expertise, labor and products to complete all your professional cleaning and repair work and projects. Our company also provides preventive maintenance services for your equipment to ensure that your equipment is performing at its top condition.

Rebuild & Recore

We provide recycling and reconstruction services for non-repairable radiators, heat exchangers and coolers. In the process, we will replace old or damaged parts of the equipment with new or custom parts.

Testing & Repair

Identify and analyze problems that cause your equipment failure. Then provide the best solution for your device. After the repair process, we will stress test your equipment to ensure it works perfectly.

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Telephone : +6085 – 657 331
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